Bank of Lyf

You can find the links for the datapack in the download section, for more information please watch the video at the bottom of this page.

What does it do?

Welcome to the world of Minecraft banking!

There are three datapacks depending on your preference of currency with Diamond, Emerald and Gold packs available.

The data packs enable Vanilla Minecraft banking with deposit, withdrawal, loan request and loan payment desks. These are supported by a statement book generator and simple action bar display for both your current balance and loan balance.

Current Balance

The datapacks are all set to offer 2% interest on money held in your balance every 24 hours of gameplay.

Loan Borrowing

There is a simple loan system in place meaning you can borrow 64 diamonds, emeralds or gold ingots however it comes at a rate of 25% meaning you will pay back 80 diamonds, emeralds or gold ingots.


If you do not pay back the loan within 6 game play hours you will be given the slowness effect until the balance is settled in full.

Emerald Edition Download
Gold Edition Download